How Much Did You Save?

Insurance is likely one of the most competitive and hotly advertised things we use. The only thing you get more junk mail for is political campaigns, otherwise insurance advertising relentless. Save $0, 15%, in under 7 minutes, whatever…some commercials are even very funny.


Fortified Insurance agency represents over 20 insurance carriers. When we shop our carriers we are providing insurance quotes that are a true representation of what is available in the marketplace. Not only that, our insurers offer better coverage than something you can get online. The big difference is you just plain don’t know what you’re getting online.


Have we ever been beat before? Sure. Do we beat other carriers? You bet! But we’ll say and our clients will agree, it’s not about saving $100 or $200 for the year. When you have a question or claim, we are here to help. Even on a very simple fender-bender accident we might spend hours and hours working with you and another party to resolve it. Have a more complicated accident where injuries are involved? You’ll be glad you have someone local to talk with and that value of working with us becomes well worth what you paid.


Working with Fortified Insurance Agency brings value in other ways. We offer auto, home insurance, umbrella coverage, motorcycle, boat, snowmobile, golf cart, camper/RV, mobile home, ATV, business insurance, life insurance, bonds, and benefit plans. We also offer markets for hard to place property insurance due to condition, age, vacancy, etc. Or business insurance for hazardous product manufacturing. There is very little we cannot do…and if we cannot do it, we’ll connect you with another trusted colleague of our office that can do it.

Real people, real agents, best companies, local expertise, offering a full complement of insurance coverages, working for you. Every day. Thank you for working for Fortified Insurance Agency. We do appreciate your business!