Renters Insurance: So Confusing?

Most of the insurance-related topics we post are inspired by real events. Unfortunately, the insurance-related posts we make are the ones with the lowest engagement. Such a bummer! We are confused that renters are confused about renters insurance. Folks that rent often believe they are covered under the landlord’s property insurance and that is just not true. And of the people that do have renters... Read Article

Fortified Insurance Agency Welcomes New Agent Lynn Lavallee!

Keith Beausoleil, owner of Fortified Insurance Agency announces that Lynn Lavallee has joined their team.  “Lynn has a great insurance background, she comes to us from the Elliott Insurance Agency in Goffstown, NH.  She’s also worked for Nationwide and Davis & Towle. Lynn specializes in working with new clients for both Personal and Commercial Lines. She enjoys getting to know you and creating an insurance... Read Article

Thief-Season is Upon Us! Protect Your Home!!!

Warmer weather is here and that means “thief-season” is back too. We’re already seeing clients with theft losses at their homes while they’re at work or away on the weekend. Quick tips for you…all of these suggestions are related to actual claims we’ve seen at the agency. * Establish relationships with neighbors so that each of you can watch for any activity that does not... Read Article

My Homeowners Insurance Went Up $90!!!

Here is something you might see on your own kitchen table…your mortgage company sends you an escrow adjustment statement. This most often is the result of you receiving a check back from your mortgage company the previous month…your reaction is usually, “oh a check…free money…woooop!” The scenario goes, you deposit it and next month you get this statement…you don’t read it…your next mortgage bill comes... Read Article

How Much Did You Save?

Insurance is likely one of the most competitive and hotly advertised things we use. The only thing you get more junk mail for is political campaigns, otherwise insurance advertising relentless. Save $0, 15%, in under 7 minutes, whatever…some commercials are even very funny.   Fortified Insurance agency represents over 20 insurance carriers. When we shop our carriers we are providing insurance quotes that are a... Read Article