How Much Did You Save?

Insurance is likely one of the most competitive and hotly advertised things we use. The only thing you get more junk mail for is political campaigns, otherwise insurance advertising relentless. Save $0, 15%, in under 7 minutes, whatever…some commercials are even very funny.   Fortified Insurance agency represents over 20 insurance carriers. When we shop our carriers we are providing insurance quotes that are a... Read Article

Got Umbrella?

What if your dog bites a child or a dinner guest stumbles on a porch and hits his head? You could be hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit. That’s where umbrella insurance comes in. It will protect you in many cases with $1 million in coverage for as little as $200 a year. Who could use and umbrella?  Someone who… * Drives a car or... Read Article

If You Think it’s Hot Outside…

Fortified Insurance Agency PSA of the day! Yeah, it’s hot. But probably not as hot as your dryer vent after a 45 minutes of trying to dry to your beach towels! Not only is it great fire prevention to clean the lint-trap of your dryer, but it’s important to have your dryer vent hose cleaned by a professional. Sometimes these vents travel through enclosed walls... Read Article

I Don’t Need an Umbrella…or Do I?

You could be found to be highly negligent for your actions behind the wheel of car and required to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for an accident you cause.  Sitting at red light the other day, I counted the number of drivers on the phone while I waited for a light to change from red to green.  Greater than 50% of the drivers were... Read Article