Someone is Stealing Parts Off Your Vehicle!

We keep hearing more and more about catalytic converter thefts. In case you haven’t paid attention, COVID 19 boredom, high unemployment, and the price paid for exotic metals found in catalytic converters have spawned a new source of crime across the country. Thieves are cutting your catalytic converter right off your vehicle! Most of these crimes seem to be taking place where vehicles are parked... Read Article

Renters Insurance: So Confusing?

Most of the insurance-related topics we post are inspired by real events. Unfortunately, the insurance-related posts we make are the ones with the lowest engagement. Such a bummer! We are confused that renters are confused about renters insurance. Folks that rent often believe they are covered under the landlord’s property insurance and that is just not true. And of the people that do have renters... Read Article

D&O Insurance. Does Homeowners Insurance Cover me?

You may be asked at some point to serve on a board for an organization.  Most commonly, non-profit organizations have a purpose of fund-raising for their operations or some charitable cause.  Does your personal or even business insurance coverage protect you as a board member? Short answer is no.  Boards should have Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance and they can secure that on their own... Read Article

Do You Have Enough Insurance?

A lot of our post are inspired by real-life scenarios that we experience as agents and what happens here in NH. Most everyone has seen the video of this accident and yes, this is an extreme accident example. The point is this…the average new car price in 2019 according to Kelly Blue Book is $37,577. Are your limits enough to cover that? It’s easy to... Read Article

What if the Insurance Carrier Offers Me Less Than What My Car is Worth?

A totaled vehicle brings with it a certain amount of stress.  The good news is that total vehicle losses are pretty rare and we hope that you don’t ever have to experience it.  In the event that you do, here are some tips from our years of assisting clients through this process. Every insurance carrier pays vehicle losses based on actual cash value, or ACV. ... Read Article