Client Advice for the Day

When you purchase a new or used vehicle, please, please, please do not allow the auto salesperson the responsibility of notifying your insurance agent of the new vehicle to change the auto insurance. If they fail to notify us of the new vehicle and a month or two or more passes by, you won’t have any auto insurance coverage for that new car.

If the dealer does contacts us, we will need to confirm with the policy owner (you) that the purchase has taken place and whether or not you’re adding the vehicle or replacing another vehicle on the automobile insurance policy.  We’ll use that time to review coverages and any changes you may want to entertain.

Have a great day

Keith Beausoleil, CPCU

Keith Beausoleil is an insurance agent at Fortified Insurance Agency. Fortified Insurance Agency in Manchester NH specializes in coverage for auto insurance, automobile insurance, home insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, condo insurance, RV insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, personal watercraft insurance, PWC insurance, snowmobile insurance, golf cart insurance, business insurance, commercial insurance, surety bonds, rental property insurance, and more. Talk to our professional insurance agents about coverage in New Hampshire (NH) today or refer us to someone who needs an independent insurance agent.