Roadside, Towing, and Your Insurance Company

Roadside service or towing…whatever you want to call it, will likely not make you happy in event of a breakdown on the side of the road with your automobile.  Automobile insurance policies typically have a nominal benefit that is really designed to get you off the road and towed to a nearby repair shop.  And if that repair shop is less than 15 miles away... Read Article

Shouldn’t My Auto Insurance go down? My Car is a Year Older!

Shouldn’t My Auto Insurance go down?  My Car is a Year Older!  This is very common question or comment from our prospective new customers and existing customers.  We don’t see much rate relief on any line of insurance; personal or business.  Here is a reasonable explanation…your comments or questions are certainly welcome. Rates are not just based on “your car”, they are split between several types of... Read Article

Client Advice for the Day

When you purchase a new or used vehicle, please, please, please do not allow the auto salesperson the responsibility of notifying your insurance agent of the new vehicle to change the auto insurance. If they fail to notify us of the new vehicle and a month or two or more passes by, you won’t have any auto insurance coverage for that new car. If the... Read Article