Spring Flooding Prevention Tips 2015

So far this “spring” we’ve been lucky enough that temps have stayed moderately cold. Why do I say lucky? We have a substantial snowpack left in state right now and it’s been very gradually decreasing with a few warm days and the high sun. But, if we have a series of warm days or rain events, the fast melt would lead to flooding concerns. And most homeowners don’t have flood insurance if they don’t live a flood plain where mortgage companies require flood insurance.

Whether you have flood insurance or not, it’s time to be ready for a warm weather pattern and a rain event that may bring up to half an inch of rain this Thursday. Here are Fortified Insurance Agency’s quick tips for this week.

• Move excess snow off your home’s bulkhead (to your basement). Hopefully you kept this clear of snow all winter as it serves as valuable fire exit.
• Remove snow build-up away from your basement windows
• Move valuables in your basement to higher ground should your basement flood
• If you have one, ensure your sump pump works and can evacuate water on demand
• Small amounts of water can be cleaned up with a shop-vacuum that can safely pick-up water
• Bottom-line, just be sure to have a plan to address flooding that may occur

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Keith Beausoleil, CPCU

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