Do You Have Enough Insurance?

A lot of our post are inspired by real-life scenarios that we experience as agents and what happens here in NH. Most everyone has seen the video of this accident and yes, this is an extreme accident example.

The point is this…the average new car price in 2019 according to Kelly Blue Book is $37,577. Are your limits enough to cover that? It’s easy to relate limits of insurance directly to what you think the value of someone else’s vehicle might cost. That simple property¬†damage value (the car you hit, telephone pole, etc.) is just one aspect of an accident.

How much does it cost to treat someone’s injuries? How many people were injured? The medical component is the part that cannot be predicted and that is the scariest piece.

The accident in this photo involved a Jeep operated by a youthful driver that crossed the center-line and hit a semi-truck and trailer. Were the insurance limits enough to cover the semi-driver’s injuries, the truck and trailer damage, loss of the delivery, loss of income from the trucking being out of service, the highway guardrail, fuel spill clean-up?

A limit of insurance is just that, a limit. After the limit is paid, the difference is on you. Talk to us about optional higher limits of insurance and umbrella coverage to help protect your household. We can’t make you buy higher limits, but we can discuss the options and show you the cost. It’s always up to you.