I Don’t Need an Umbrella…or Do I?

You could be found to be highly negligent for your actions behind the wheel of car and required to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars for an accident you cause.  Sitting at red light the other day, I counted the number of drivers on the phone while I waited for a light to change from red to green.  Greater than 50% of the drivers were... Read Article

An Auto Insurance “Did You Know?”

A common client question in the Fortified Insurance Agency office is…”does my auto insurance cover me if I rent a car while on vacation? The rental car agency wants to charge for insurance and I think I already have coverage under my personal automobile insurance policy.” The answer is, that depends on the answers to several other questions. Auto insurance coverage will apply to the... Read Article

Where do I buy my insurance?

When I was a little younger I used to think you could only purchase insurance through national brands that you saw advertised on TV like State Farm, Allstate, or Liberty Mutual for example.  And when I was younger those were the kind of companies I used for my own insurance because that’s all I knew.  Those aforementioned companies are fine insurance companies, in fact I... Read Article

Fortified Insurance Agency Blog

It’s time to talk about insurance!  Fortified Insurance Agency is going to use this blog to talk about relevant day-to-day insurance information that anyone can use.  We’ll talk about customer questions and solutions to everyday insurance needs.  That may include auto or home insurance, motorcycle insurance, business insurance, life insurance, even golf-cart insurance!  Who knew!  We welcome your feedback on our blogs and even debate... Read Article