Thief-Season is Upon Us! Protect Your Home!!!

Warmer weather is here and that means “thief-season” is back too. We’re already seeing clients with theft losses at their homes while they’re at work or away on the weekend. Quick tips for you…all of these suggestions are related to actual claims we’ve seen at the agency.

* Establish relationships with neighbors so that each of you can watch for any activity that does not look right.

* Keep valuable items away from the view through your windows. Use blinds to block the view into your home while you’re away.

* Locks…use them; it’s estimated that 40% of homes are entered without signs of forced entry. Cut a piece wood (like a heavy dowel) to use as a deadbolt for your sliding glass door.

* Trim back shrubs around your home and windows so thieves can’t hide behind them and enter your home unseen.

* Don’t post on social media that you’re away advertising your house unoccupied.

* Put away and store any personal items you might leave outside; bicycles, yard maintenance equipment, tools. These items all attract thieves.

* Important; don’t leave personal items in your vehicle. If someone should look into your vehicle, it should look empty with nothing attractive to steal. Don’t leave loose change visible either. Lock your vehicle doors at night or park in a garage.

* Consider not using a window air conditioner on the first floor of your home. These are commonly pushed into a home making easy access for a thief to easy-access to your house.

Post your personal helpful suggestions here so others can see them…thanks!