2012 Insurance Outlook; Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance

Thought I would give a 2012 New Hampshire insurance news update this month and I’ll expand a little more on each subject in the upcoming months.  Overall, experts say and we see that carriers are looking to increase their insurance rates; in some areas more than others. NH Automobile Insurance: We’ve come off some of the most competitive years of auto insurance pricing and some... Read Article

Where do I buy my insurance?

When I was a little younger I used to think you could only purchase insurance through national brands that you saw advertised on TV like State Farm, Allstate, or Liberty Mutual for example.  And when I was younger those were the kind of companies I used for my own insurance because that’s all I knew.  Those aforementioned companies are fine insurance companies, in fact I... Read Article

Condominium Insurance: Dislike

Yes, condo insurance is not my favorite home insurance coverage, I admit it.  It’s the coverage most likely to leave my customers underinsured.   Why?  Read on… Condo insurance, when purchased by the condo unit owner requires some effort on the part of the unit owner to review the condo association documents to determine what part of the building/property they should insure.  Sometimes owners are required... Read Article

Why Don’t You Have Renters Insurance?

Statistics tell us that about 33% of Americans rent a house, condo, or apartment. Of those 33%, or 35 million Americans, only somewhere between 20% and 30% have renters insurance. Why? Keith Beausoleil, owner of Fortified Insurance Agency in Manchester NH suggests the following reasons: 1. Renters don’t believe they have enough personal property to insure 2. Renters underestimate the value of their personal property... Read Article

Great motorcycle insurance versus not so great…what do you have?

It may not seem like it today, but motorcycle season is upon us and that means reviewing your current motorcycle insurance or getting a new policy.  So what does that really mean?  Go out and get the cheapest motorcycle insurance policy available?  Just pay the bill for last year’s policy without checking coverage?  For many people, that is the first thing that comes to mind. ... Read Article