If You Think it’s Hot Outside…

Fortified Insurance Agency PSA of the day! Yeah, it’s hot. But probably not as hot as your dryer vent after a 45 minutes of trying to dry to your beach towels! Not only is it great fire prevention to clean the lint-trap of your dryer, but it’s important to have your dryer vent hose cleaned by a professional. Sometimes these vents travel through enclosed walls... Read Article

2012 Insurance Outlook; Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance

Thought I would give a 2012 New Hampshire insurance news update this month and I’ll expand a little more on each subject in the upcoming months.  Overall, experts say and we see that carriers are looking to increase their insurance rates; in some areas more than others. NH Automobile Insurance: We’ve come off some of the most competitive years of auto insurance pricing and some... Read Article

Condominium Insurance: Dislike

Yes, condo insurance is not my favorite home insurance coverage, I admit it.  It’s the coverage most likely to leave my customers underinsured.   Why?  Read on… Condo insurance, when purchased by the condo unit owner requires some effort on the part of the unit owner to review the condo association documents to determine what part of the building/property they should insure.  Sometimes owners are required... Read Article