Doubt; Insurance Commercials Create it Everyday

It makes for great advertising.  Commercials about insurance have gone from serious to comedic to grab your attention.  Those 30 seconds are also filled with tidbits attempting to make you doubt your automobile or homeowners insurance.    Here are a few of my favorites:   Allstate’s Mayhem test-drives a motorcycle that some unlucky Allstate customer is selling.  Mayhem proceeds down the road and dumps motorcycle into... Read Article

Why Don’t You Have Renters Insurance?

Statistics tell us that about 33% of Americans rent a house, condo, or apartment. Of those 33%, or 35 million Americans, only somewhere between 20% and 30% have renters insurance. Why? Keith Beausoleil, owner of Fortified Insurance Agency in Manchester NH suggests the following reasons: 1. Renters don’t believe they have enough personal property to insure 2. Renters underestimate the value of their personal property... Read Article