Ice Dams and Your Home Insurance Coverage

If you own a property with a roof on it, please pay attention…or forward this memo to someone you know that does own property.  February is setting up very similar to the winter of 2014/2015 when we experienced record snowfall in the month of February 2015.  One obvious difference was that February 2015 was one of the coldest Februarys on record thanks to the Polar Vortex from... Read Article

Roadside, Towing, and Your Insurance Company

Roadside service or towing…whatever you want to call it, will likely not make you happy in event of a breakdown on the side of the road with your automobile.  Automobile insurance policies typically have a nominal benefit that is really designed to get you off the road and towed to a nearby repair shop.  And if that repair shop is less than 15 miles away... Read Article

Great Thank You Email from a Auto & Home Insurance Client

Here is a nice e-mail from a client that recently had a claim with one of our carriers.From: Carolyn Sent: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 11:23 AM Subject: RE: ClaimThank you very much for the update to my claim. The Tower Group Insurance company has been great in this matter. The services rendered were exceptional. Thanks to everyone starting with my agent Keith Beausoleil, CPCU and... Read Article

2012 Insurance Outlook; Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance

Thought I would give a 2012 New Hampshire insurance news update this month and I’ll expand a little more on each subject in the upcoming months.  Overall, experts say and we see that carriers are looking to increase their insurance rates; in some areas more than others. NH Automobile Insurance: We’ve come off some of the most competitive years of auto insurance pricing and some... Read Article

An Auto Insurance “Did You Know?”

A common client question in the Fortified Insurance Agency office is…”does my auto insurance cover me if I rent a car while on vacation? The rental car agency wants to charge for insurance and I think I already have coverage under my personal automobile insurance policy.” The answer is, that depends on the answers to several other questions. Auto insurance coverage will apply to the... Read Article