Doubt; Insurance Commercials Create it Everyday

It makes for great advertising.  Commercials about insurance have gone from serious to comedic to grab your attention.  Those 30 seconds are also filled with tidbits attempting to make you doubt your automobile or homeowners insurance.    Here are a few of my favorites:   Allstate’s Mayhem test-drives a motorcycle that some unlucky Allstate customer is selling.  Mayhem proceeds down the road and dumps motorcycle into... Read Article

If You Think it’s Hot Outside…

Fortified Insurance Agency PSA of the day! Yeah, it’s hot. But probably not as hot as your dryer vent after a 45 minutes of trying to dry to your beach towels! Not only is it great fire prevention to clean the lint-trap of your dryer, but it’s important to have your dryer vent hose cleaned by a professional. Sometimes these vents travel through enclosed walls... Read Article

2012 Insurance Outlook; Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance

Thought I would give a 2012 New Hampshire insurance news update this month and I’ll expand a little more on each subject in the upcoming months.  Overall, experts say and we see that carriers are looking to increase their insurance rates; in some areas more than others. NH Automobile Insurance: We’ve come off some of the most competitive years of auto insurance pricing and some... Read Article

An Auto Insurance “Did You Know?”

A common client question in the Fortified Insurance Agency office is…”does my auto insurance cover me if I rent a car while on vacation? The rental car agency wants to charge for insurance and I think I already have coverage under my personal automobile insurance policy.” The answer is, that depends on the answers to several other questions. Auto insurance coverage will apply to the... Read Article

Where do I buy my insurance?

When I was a little younger I used to think you could only purchase insurance through national brands that you saw advertised on TV like State Farm, Allstate, or Liberty Mutual for example.  And when I was younger those were the kind of companies I used for my own insurance because that’s all I knew.  Those aforementioned companies are fine insurance companies, in fact I... Read Article