Renters Insurance: So Confusing?

Most of the insurance-related topics we post are inspired by real events. Unfortunately, the insurance-related posts we make are the ones with the lowest engagement. Such a bummer!

We are confused that renters are confused about renters insurance. Folks that rent often believe they are covered under the landlord’s property insurance and that is just not true. And of the people that do have renters insurance, 59% of them are under-insured.

They are likely under-insured because the industry is so focused on low price. And yes, we can get you a renters policy for $100 a year covering $20,000 of your stuff. But we can likely double coverage for another $50 or $75 a year. Start adding up your stuff and start with your clothing: summer, fall, winter, spring…boots, shoes, jackets, sports gear, etc…it adds up! Now add your couch, bed, kitchen stuff, other furniture.

And don’t forget that a renters policy covers expenses to go live somewhere else while your place is being repaired, and provides liability protection if someone slips and falls in your unit.

If you read this far, share this with someone that needs a renters policy. Talk to us, we’ll clear up the confusion.