Doubt; Insurance Commercials Create it Everyday

It makes for great advertising.  Commercials about insurance have gone from serious to comedic to grab your attention.  Those 30 seconds are also filled with tidbits attempting to make you doubt your automobile or homeowners insurance. 
Here are a few of my favorites:   Allstate’s Mayhem test-drives a motorcycle that some unlucky Allstate customer is selling.  Mayhem proceeds down the road and dumps motorcycle into the pavement.  The doubt-filled tag-line follows a harsh but comedic crash is “And if you have cut rate motorcycle insurance, you could be paying for this yourself”.
Another good is when Mayhem is bouncing on tree limb over a vehicle.  “I’m a random windstorm…shaky, shaky, shaky” and the tree limb comes down on the car…“And if you have cut rate auto insurance, you could be paying for this yourself”.
A baseball comes through a window in an apartment with three young adults hanging out.  One young man sings the jingle…”Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”.  And wouldn’t you guess an agent magically appears in the apartment and knows the client’s name.  Then they ask for sandwich, the girl from 4E and then a hot-tub, all which appear!  What’s the point?  I guess the point is that State Farm auto, renters, or home insurance can provide you with things you don’t have.  Which doesn’t make sense at all…but it makes for good TV.
The funny thing is that all of these loss scenarios are common covered causes of loss for any standard auto insurance policy, any homeowners insurance policy, or any motorcycle insurance policy in NH or any other state.  In fact, the policy forms for auto, home, and other insurances are approved by the state’s insurance department.  That’s right, the coverages are all pretty standard from insurance company to insurance company.
So why the crazy commercials?  The potential claims in the commercials are common things that happen to people like you and me.  They create doubt.  They’re funny.  They caught your attention and they were successful enough to create doubt to entice you to shop.  From an insurance agent’s prospective, they are funny.  Funny because these national insurance carriers constantly create doubt to scare you into rate shopping.  And it becomes that…rate shopping, never about being covered correctly.  If you happen to ask one of these agents if the claims in the commercial are covered, guess what they say?  “Why yes that claim would be covered”…now you won’t be surprised to learn that your insurance covers that too…and more.

Keith Beausoleil, CPCU

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