Don’t Let the Dealer Tell You They’re Adding Your New Car to Your Policy…

Don’t Let the Dealer Tell You They’re Adding Your New Car to Your Policy…
PSA of the day!

When you purchase a new/used vehicle and the dealer tells you that someone from the dealership will call the office to get it covered…don’t believe for a second!

First, they are not you…they don’t have any authority to make a change to your policy. If we learn of such a request, we will take the information down and call you.  We still need to talk to you about your automobile insurance.

Second, we still want to chat with you to see if you traded or added this new car and ensure that we have the deductibles and other coverages you might want (towing, rental car coverage, GAP insurance, etc…).

Lastly, if nobody ever calls us and you have an accident next month with the new car…guess who covers the damage? Yes, you! Personal auto insurance policies only cover vehicles listed on the policy.

So please, call us directly with your new vehicle information, let’s make sure you’re covered.

Keith Beausoleil, CPCU

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